Palmos Ancient Instruments


"It didn't take long to decide to order since I found your beautiful instrument through Etsy.
I have never seen this traditional type of instruments before and I was so happy to find them.
All transaction was so smooth and I appreciate your kindness.
Thank you so much again."

Τakemoto Keiko
Etsy Buyer, Japan

"A very inspired instrument made of natural materials the ancient lyre of the Palmos workshop really led me to inspirations and adaptations of traditional and modern musical paths.
Reliable work and unique for each instrument."

Kalliopi Vasileiou
Musician, Athens

"Thank you so much.
It was so beautiful work same as before.
I am very grateful to know the instruments.
I am going to take lots of care."

Τakemoto Keiko
Etsy Buyer, Japan

"Excellent sound! This instrument was harmonized with my soul!

Amateur Musician, Chalkis

"For amateur musicians, music is mostly a sense. Especially when the feeling you want to create belongs to a historical past, i cannot imagine anything better than an instrument made with respect and based on historical research like the instruments of the Palmos workshop."

Musician, Athens

"Through the research and work of Palmos workshop, i acquired the primordial sense of natural sound."

Alexander Charalampous
Musician, Athens

"Great instrument from Palmos workshop! A Tsambouna to accompany our festivities in Samos!"

Giannis Amirsonis
Amateur Musician, Samos

"Thank you, my friend George, for rekindling my primordial sense, with the amazing lyre you made with great craftsmanship. A wonderful journey, indeed. I wish you good luck and always to be creative."

Sakis Tolis
Musician, Athens

"Fantastic craftmanship that makes your mind travel! It's like a journey through places and eras thousand of years before. Thanks you Master!"

Ανώνυμο-1 αντίγραφο
Christos Darmos
Amateur Musician, Athens

Thank you for building this beautiful instrument for our cultural association. We love the elymos, also we wanted to thank you for your technical support and your encouragement which is giving us hope to learn how to use it!

Phoenicians ArcheoCuisine
cultural association, Agrigento (Italia)