Bagpipe was the organ of lower social classes and prevailed mainly in the countryside, mainly in livestock areas, as a necessary raw material for its construction was, besides wood, the animal skins. Some references would like the instrument to be presented in Hellas at the beginning of the 1st century AD. Century from Asia. In this, most scholars argue that the instrument arrived in the Mediterranean through the East. His use was known in the Near East and the peoples who lived there.

In Hellas we meet two types of bagpipe: Gaida and Tsambouna


Gaida consists of the bag, the main reed that plays the melody and the drone reed. The bag is made of goatskin, which is processed so that it can be used as a musical instrument. The main reed that plays the melody has 7 holes in front and 1 in the back. Finally, the drone reed does not produce a melody, but it helps in the polyphony of the instrument.